Palmetto Trust Donors


Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation is only as good as its people, and the people listed below are the absolute best. PALMETTO TRUST IS PEOPLE - people who care about South Carolina's history, in particular its historic buildings. It is people who give their time, energy, money and properties to help save the places that matter to all of us.


Here's a big THANK YOU to the current people that ARE the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation! 


1772 Foundation

AABC House Moving, LLC

Randy and Mary Alice Akers

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Morris Anderson

Mr. Raymond H. Anderson, Jr.

Mr. John L. Andrews, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Ardrey

Mr. and Mrs. William Atkins

Ms. Jean C. Avent

Mrs. Peggy H. Ayers

Bob and Judy Bainbridge

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Baird

Ms. Paula B Baker

Mrs. Katherine Battle

Mr. Dan Beaman, AIA

Mrs. Meta A Beard

Ms. Katrina Becker

Mr. Michael Bedenbaugh

Bennett Preservation Engineering PC

Phil and Jay Betette

Ms. Linda Bilanchone

Ms. Anne M. Blythe

Mr. Maxcy C. Boineau

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bolton

Mr. Henry D. Boykin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Bradford

James and Elizabeth Bradford, Jr.

Mr. Jack Brantley

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Deborah Brewer

Ms. Ethel S. Brody

Ms. Nancy P. Brooks

Mr. Russell R. Browning, Jr.

Ms. Annette Buchanan

Mr. Phelps H. Bultman

Ms. Margaret L Burch

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D Byrd

Ms. Manella Calhoun

Ms. Paula B. Carson

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cart

Mr. Walter Cart, Jr.

Ms. Leigh Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. Chandler, Jr.

Historic Charleston Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. George K. Chastain

 Economic and Urban Development, City of Rock Hill

Ms. Helen M Clarkson

Mr. Kendrick Clements

Mr. Sherwood M. Cleveland

Ms. Frances Allison Close

Ms. Anne S. Close

Mr. Calvin Cobb

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Collum

Columbia Development Corporation

Sara and John Conde

Mr. John Connor

Mr. Stan W. Converse, III

Mrs. Nancy Converse Crowley

Ms. Judy L. Cromwell

Ms. Louise Crews

Cummings and McCrady, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Cutler

Mr. and Mrs. Harry M Dalton

Mr. James M. Daniel, III

Ms. Marty Daniels

Dr. Edna L. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. P. Michael Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Davis

Mrs. Penn H. Dean

Mr. Fred Delk

Ms. Susan Dickson

Ms. Jan Duke

Mr. Edward Dukes

Mr. and Mrs. J. Porter Durham, Jr.

Mr. Samuel H. Earle, Jr.

Dr. Walter B. Edgar

Ms. Gloria Eller

Ms. Florence M. Ervin

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evers

Mr. Wade B. Fairey

Col. John and Rose Marie Favors

Ms. Kathryn B. Fenner

Vivian B. Fisher and Jim Newcome

 City of Fountain Inn

Ms. Veronica Gerald

Mr. Paul M. Gettys

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Gilchrist

Charles and Shirley Golden

John F. and Marilyn K. Green

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gross

Mr. Andrew Hám

Mr. Michael A. Harmon

Mr. Joseph P Harps

Ms. Rebecca Hartness

Ms. Bobbie W Hawkins

Mrs. May B Hutchinson

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Inabinet

Mr. Randall K. Ivey

Mr. and Mrs. Conway G Ivy

Mrs. Frances H. Jackson

Ms. Adrienne N. Jacobsen

Mr. Kevin James

Ms. Cynthia C Jenkins

Mr. Richard H. Jenrette

Mr. Kenneth S. Johnson

Ms. Elizabeth G. Joiner

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby T. Jones

Guy Jones and Cynthia Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Jones

River Runner Outdoor Center

Dr. Ann J. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly

Ms. Sylvie Kenig-Desau

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Keyes

Mr. James E Kibler, PhD

The Honorable and Mrs. Ernest Kinard

Ms. Mary M. Kinard

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kinney, Jr.

Ms. Barbara Kurz

Nicholas and Pauline Lampshire

Mr. Robert B. Lewis

Ms. Jane Hart Lewis

Mr.  Jack Limehouse

Mr. and Mrs. Dinos Liollio

Ms. Jessica Loring

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lowery

Ms. Deborah Mann

Mr. Andrew Marion

Ms. Elizabeth Marks

Frederick F. Masad

Ms. Margaret T. Mays

Mr. Charles H. McAfee

Ms. Nancy McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. Perry McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. McCrae, Jr.

Edward and Sheila McDaniel

Mr. George W. McDaniel

Ms. Suzanne G. McIntyre

Mr. and Mrs. Peden B. McLeod

Ms. Susan H. McMillan

Mr. and Mrs. David O. McPherson

Mr. Robert D. Montgomery

Mr. Joseph C. Munnerlyn

Mr. and Mrs. David Murray

Mr. Henry Nechemias

Mr. Julian J. Nexsen Jr.

Mr. B.E. "Ned" Nicholson, V

Greg and Barbara Ohanesian

Palmetto Conservation Foundation

Ms. Sandra Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Westley G. Parks

Ms. Margaret B. Peck

The people of the Pee Dee Land Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Penn, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Perrin

Mr. D. Lindsay Pettus

Mr. and Mrs Vincent Peze

Mr. J. Dan Powell

Mr. John Rainey

 Callie and John Rainey Foundation

Mr. Bettis C. Rainsford

Hon. and Mrs. Albert A. Reed

Mr. Horace L. Reese, III

 Richland County Conservation Commission

Ms. Constance Rinehart

Mr. Frank B. Robards III

Col J.G.R. Roddey

Mr. Chris Rogers, Esq.

Mr. Lawrence S Rowland

Edward M Royall

Ms. Ellen Schlaefer

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Scully

Ms. Gertrude O. Seibels

Mr. and Mrs. George Sensor

Mr. and Mrs. Yoshinobu Shiota

Mr. Daniel Ray Sigmon

Dr. and Mrs. William M. Simpson, Jr.

Mrs. John Gettys Smith

Mr. Charles E. Smith

Ms. Ellie Smith

Mr. Charles D. Sooy

Mr. and Mrs. James Spruill, III

Ms. Kathy Stepp

 Stringer Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. George P Summers

Mr. and Mrs. William Thomason

M. LaVonne Thompson, Esquire

Honorable Rogeriee Thompson

Dr. and Mrs. Ray Vaughters

Dr. and Mrs. Birdsall S. Viault

Ms. Robin Waites

Ms. Candy Waites

Ms. Allie Walker

Ms. Rosalie E. Watson

Mr. Jay K. Weidner

Dr. Robert R. Weyeneth

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Whittle

Frank and Lisa Wideman

Ms. Angi Fuller Wildt

Ms. Agnes H. Willcox

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Williamson

Bill and Patti Workman

 York County Council

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Zeigler


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